by bentcrayon on 03/28/2014
atom tm & marc behrens-bauteile CD black asteroid-metal EP brock van wey-home 2 CD burnt ones-gift LP christopher rau-mehris mood 12
cloud nothings-here & nowhere else LP coil/nine inch nails-recoiled LP cold cave-black boots 7 cv313-dimensional space 2 CD cv313-live at primary CD
cv313-live excursions CD dirtmusic-lion city CD doka-figures 12 efdemin-decay CD evening meetings-s/t LP
glimpse-baretta 12 good area-cubic zirconia 7 hiele-essential oils LP htrk-psychic 9-5 LP ike yard-remix 3 12
ilario alicante-wax weapon 12 inventions-s/t CD islaja-s u u LP jason lescalleet-much to my demise LP john cage-early electronic & tape music LP
mac demarco-salad days LP madlib & freddie gibbs-pinata 2 LP marcus schmickler & julian rohrhuber-politiken der frequenz LP mark du mosch-bay 25 12 markus suckut-figure spc s 12
matt o'brien-patience 12 melt yourself down-s/t 2 CD millie & andrea-drop the vowels 2 LP morton subotnick-silver apples of the moon LP nacho marco-open 12
nurse with wound-bar maldoror 2 CD perc-the power & the glory 2 LP peter brotzmann trio-for adolphe sax LP peter van hoesen-outlands 12 population one-where a function of some systematically changing variables is calculated 12
robin rimbaud-the garden is full of metal/homage to derek jarman CD russell haswell-37 minute workout LP savage republic-aegean CD savage republic-recordings from live performance 1981-1983 CD scanner-electronic garden CD
sendai-a smaller divide CD stefan jaworzyn-the annihilating light LP suburbs-not so secret diary 03 12 tapper zukie-the man from bozrah CD terranova-headache 12
the body-i shall die here LP the tenses-howard LP throwing snow-pathfinder 12 tobias.-a series of shocks CD twr72-endless EP
umberto-temple room EP various-black jerusalem 12 various-demo tracks 02 12 various-tape sampler series 01 12 wen-signals CD
withered hand-new gods LP anne-james chaton - decade CD/BOOK