by bentcrayon on 12/12/2014
acolytes-s/t lp an-i - gutz ep black asteroid-black moon 12 chrissy zebby tembo & the ngozi family band-i'm not made of iron/fisherman damaskin-unseen warfare 12
dj red-duality 12 electric eels-die electric eels lp else marie pade-electronic works 1958-1995 3lp forward-against their insanity lp gala drop-ii lp
gay marvine-bath house etiquette vol 6 12 grimm grimm-kazega fuitara sayonara/tell the truth 7 gunnar haslam-let a hundred flowers bloom 10 hundreds-aftermath remixes 12 icky boyfriends-live in san francisco lp
jaws-keys to the universe lp jock club-after hours lp johann johannsson & bj nilsen-i am here lp john gibbs & the unlimited sound of steel orchestra-steel funk lp kloke-first light 12
louis mcguire-speakeasy 12 lubomyr melnyk-evertina 10 maoupa mazzocchetti - a-tranquility 12 melchior productions ltd-meditations 1-3 12 mind fair-s/t lp
negative scanner-pastel blue, clinical white 7 nurse with wound/graham bowers-diploid (parade ~ epilogue) cd philip corner-through two more-than-mysterious barricades (improvizations after francois couperin) lp pip proud-a bird in the engine lp pip proud-adreneline & richard lp
prostitutes-ecstasy, crashing beats & fantasy 12 proxima-alpha 2lp renoir-broken tongue 7 scott grooves-unreleased anthology 12 segv/appian-janky/re:shell 12
soulphiction-obsidian fields 12 theo parrish-american intelligence 3lp throwing snow-avarice 12 todd osborn-over & over 12 tuff sherm/dro carey-scope 12
various-certified connections 2lp various-cybernetic serendipity music lp various-hff vol 1 3lp various-the roundup part 1 12+10 various-v: five years of artefacts-chapter three 12
verckys & orchestre veve-congolese funk, afrobeat & psychedelic rumba 1969-1978 2lp zeitkratzer/whitehouse-whitehouse: performed live by zeitkratzer lp dynamite hemorrhage-#2 mag