by bentcrayon on 10/2/2015
alex coulton-hand to hand combat/concealed weapon 12 barbara morgenstern-doppelstern cd brian jonestown massacre-methodrone 2lp bryan gillig-cave trilogy: a barricade, a tigress, a shadow 3lp buck gooter-first decade lp
byron westbrook-precipice lp call super-migrant 12 carter thornton-mapping the ghost vol 1: dirt path to the field cs close lobsters-firestation towers 1986-1989 3cd colin potter-rank sonata lp
ennio morricone-i pugni in tasca lp frak-primitive drums ep joe mcphee & raymond boni-gone/it's over 7 laurel halo-in situ 2lp lee ranaldo-ambient loop for vancouver cd
lxv-asylum/theophany cs majeure-union of worlds cs maki asakawa-s/t 2lp michael chapman-fish lp ms john soda-loom lp
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scrapes-songs of baron samedi cs shao-doppler shift pt 1 sleaford mods/sudden infant-you're brave/fat nipple upright 7 steve hauschildt-where all is fled 2lp surgeon-balance remakes 12
the gamecock-all right, hen? wen-play your corner remixes 12