by bentcrayon on 03/28/2018
anton kubikov-ten days past acid 12 billy johnston-flat wheel 12 biosphere-the hilvarenbeek recordings lp blown out/comacozer-in search of highs volume 1 lp borusiade-a body lp
bruce gilbert-ex nihilo lp chez damier-mental breakdown 12 clarice jensen-for this from that will be filled lp corrupted-felicific algorithim lp currituck co.-sleepwalks in the garden of the deadroom lp
daniel avery-slow fade remixes 12 dharma quintet-mr. robinson lp dharma trio-end starting lp dharma trio-snoopy's time lp dharma-archipel lp
drums off chaos-centre lp electric indigo-5 1 1 5 9 3 2lp eqd-equalized #008 12 erik k skodvin & rauelsson-a score for darling lp excell-mètis ep
felix blume-death in haiti: funeral brass bands & sounds from port au prince lp geistform-fisión ep geistform-tension ep general ludd-bltrs 08 12 geography of hell-hiroshima 1945/nagasaki 1945 2lp
hanna-perpetual rhythms welcomes: hanna part 2 of 3 ep henning christiansen-satie i høj sø lp herman de vries & the eschenau chaos band-s/t lp ian hawgood + giulio aldinucci-consequence shadows cd javonntte-organic vibration ep
jordan perry-s/t lp kevin drumm-inexplicable hours 2lp+cd kink gong-dian l 2lp liziuz-geschichten des lebens 2cd lone-ambivert tools volume three 12
lord pusswhip-the hand of glory ep lurka-full clip/br greaze 12 martsman-kerner 2lp merzbow-noisembryo 2lp michael chapman-live vpro 1971 lp
octachoron-land of meta lp oиoи-the lost ching 12 parallx-rp1 ep regis-the master side 12 regler-regel #9 (blues) lp
space afrika-somewhere decent to live lp space dimension controller-gaining time ep the vision-spectral nomad 12 tornado wallace-lonely planet remixes 12 various-crónica técnica 2lp
various-inside out ep1 ep various-interferencias vol 1: spanish synth wave 1980-1989 2lp various-musique expérimentale lp various-spiritual jazz 8: japan part one 2lp various-spiritual jazz 8: japan part two 2lp
wet tuna-livin' the die lp