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Favorites of 2015



joanne robertson-black moon days lp drekka-unbeknownst to the participants at hand lp ryo murakami-deist lp tapes-no broken hearts on this factory floor 2lp vibracathedral orchestra-rec blast motorbike lp
f ingers-hide before dinner lp heather leigh-i abused animal lp damien dubrovnik-vegas fountain lp mdou moctar-akounak tedalat taha tazoughai ost lp ryley walker-primrose green lp
kerridge-always offended never ashamed 2lp i-lp-o in dub-communist dub 2lp helena hauff-discrete desires 2lp 2amfm-2amfm album 2lp patrice scott-euphonium: the album 2lp
russell haswell-as sure as night follows day 2lp dj richard-grind 2lp markus guentner-theia 2lp fp-oner - 5 2lp apostille-powerless lp

honorable mention:

akira sakata & jim o’rourke with chikamorachi & merzbow-flying basket (family vineyard)
alva noto-xerrox vol 3 (raster-noton)
andy human & the reptoids-s/t (s-s records)
anthony child-electronic recordings from maui jungle volume 1 (editions mego)
bill nace/steve baczkowski/chris corsano-stolen car (golden lab)
bong-we are, we were & we will have been (ritual productions)
broken english club-suburban hunting (cititrax)
charles manier-american manier (bopside)cw/a-unspoken, acts undone (parachute)
daniele baldelli-cosmic drag (endless flight)
dj spider-upon the gates of the great depth (plan b)
eek-kahraba (nashazphone)
flying saucer attack-instrumentals (drag city)
hauntologists-s/t (hauntologists)
john tejada-signs under test (kompakt)
lakker-tundra (r&s)
laurel halo-in situ (honest jon’s)
levon vincent-s/t (novel sound)
lightning in a twilight hour-fragments of a former moon (elefant)
lloyd pack-a tribute (amish)
meg baird-don’t weight down the light (drag city)
my disco-severe (temporary residence)
nils frahm-music from the motion picture victoria (erased tapes)
pale blue-past we leave behind (2mr)
post scriptum-01 (infrastructure)
rasmus hedlund-alster (ljudverket)
shuttle358-can you prove i was born (12k)
vainio & vigroux-peau froide, leger soleil (cosmo rythmatic)
various-consider this a warning (chronicle)
various-uchronia: field recordings from alternate realities (sahelsounds)


led zeppelin-physical graffiti (swan song) various-[cease & desist] diy! cult classics from the post-punk era (1978-1982) 2lp intersystems-s/t 3lp box psychick warriors ov gaia-1989 lp giancarlo toniutti-la mutazione lp+cd
departmentstore santas-at the medieval castle nineteen 100-year lifetimes since lp milan knizak-broken music lp vincent over the sink-22 coloured bull-terriers 2lp close lobsters-firestation towers 1986-1989 3cd exos-my home is sonic 2lp

honorable mention:

arnold dreyblatt-nodal excitation (drag city)
automatics group-summer mix (death of rave)
beat of the earth-this record is an artistic statement (radich)
bourbonese qualk – 1983-1987 (mannequin)
derek gripper-one night on earth: music from the strings of mali (matsuli music)
ellen fullman-the long string instrument (superior viaduct)
general magic & pita-fridge trax plus (editions mego)
ilitch-periodikmindtrouble & 10 suicides (superior viaduct)
in camera-era (4ad)
mabrak-drum talk (dug out)
maki asakawa-s/t (honest jon’s)
mammane sani et son orgue-la musique electronique du niger (sahelsounds)
pekka airaksinen-buddhas of the golden light (arc light)
shlippenbach trio-pakistani pomade (cien fuegos)
second layer-world of rubber (dark entries)
shinichi atobe-ship-scope (demdike stare)
sun city girls-torch of the mystics (abduction)
tolerance-anonym (no label)
various-excavated shellac: reeds (dust-to-digital)
various-punk 45: extermination nights in the sixth city (soul jazz)


dj sotofett-drippin' for a tripp 2lp mike parker-transgression & punishment 12 nummer-to the d 12 matias aguayo-el rudo del house: round two 12 emmett perlman-zeks in revolt 12

honorable mention:

altstadt echo-modern cathedrals 3 (modern cathedrals)
aubrey-vernal equinox (popcorn)
black suede-inner monologue (cgi)
dj fett burger & jayda g-nyc party track 12 (freak out cult)
egal 3-altfelnu (sound of vast)
eric cloutier-raxiera (wolfskuil ltd)
fit siegel-carmine (fit sound)
harmonia & eno-edward versions (die orakel)
hashish-outer spaced (subliminal sounds)
imaginary forces-shift work ep (bedouin)
insanlar-kime ne versions (honest jon’s)
israel vines-remixed (eye teeth)
lena deen-the acanti (stellar remnant)
marco bernardi-dancing clowns (berceuse heroique)
mosam howieson-spirals (further)
mouse sluts-s/t (bruit direct)
nisennenmondai-n (blast first petite)
reeko-constellation andromeda (modularz)
skander-steel talon (endangered species)
various-soundscape versions 01 (soundscape versions)


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