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aaron dilloway & jason lescalleet-popeth lp achim wollscheid & bernhard schreiner-calibrated contingency cd aine o'dwyer-music for church cleaners vol i & ii 2lp alasdair roberts-s/t lp alessandro alessandroni-industrial lp
aphex twin-computer controlled acoustic instruments pt 2 lp arad-haon 12 bryan kessler-say hey 12 celer-sky limits cd crime-s/t 7x7+cd box
dan melchior-the souls of birds & mice lp gable & grant-diaries vol 1 12 guided by voices-bee thousand lp guided by voices-king shit & the golden boys lp heather leigh-nightingale lp
heib-formel 1 12 hunter/game-speicher 83 12 jack name-weird moons lp jessica pratt-on your own love again lp john tejada-signs under test 2lp+cd
letha rodman-melchior - shimmering ghost lp martin schulte-forest cd melchior productions ltd-meditations 4-6 12 melvins-egg nog/lice-all 2lp melvins-ozma/bullhead 2lp
modernettes-teen city cd mogwai-music industry 3. fitness industry 1 ep nicolai toma-minifloat 12 oorutaichi-drifting my folklore lp phil julian-trace lp
plastic palace people-from the host of late-comers lp rebotini/scsi-9 - immer 005 12 red axes-shem vol 1 ep ryuichi sakamoto, illuha, taylor deupree-perpetual cd second storey-one sound/layer lock 12
sleater-kinney - no cities to love 2lp deluxe ed sonic youth-s/t 2lp steinbruchel-parallel landscapes cd twerps-range anxiety lp various-static waves 3 3cd
various-huntleys + palmers chapter 2: cohorts ep various-v: five years of artefacts-chapter four 12 william s burroughs-nothing here now but the recordings lp phil moffa-attempt no landing 12 anthony parasole & phil moffa-pressure 12
anthony parasole-quickstrike 01 12 juzer-horseplay 12 shawn o'sullivan & civil duty-security 12 tom dicicco-no sympathy 12 various-bloodlines 12
wire-february 2015 mag
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