by bentcrayon on 11/13/2015
aisha devi-of matter & spirit 2lp alexander lewis-occupying the middle circle 12 ambiq-2 cd andre bratten-gode 2lp andrew liles-life is an empty place lp
anthony child-electronic recordings from maui jungle vol 1 2cd aris kindt-floods lp aymeric de tapol-les horizons 12 bing & ruth-city lake cd bossa luce-nel salotto degli appestati lp
brian jonestown massacre-mini album thingy wingy 2x10 chain of flowers-s/t lp clay rendering-snowthorn lp coil-backwards 2lp emilie levienaise-farrouch - like water through the sand cd
farmers-august 11, 1984 lp gun club-mother berlin lp heather leigh-i abused animal lp hodge-forms of life 12 jacques lejeune-early works 1969-1970 lp
josefin ohrn + the liberation-horse dance cd kode9-nothing cd marianne nowottny-dark souls need light lp mario hammer & the lonely robot-l'esprit de l'escalier cd my disco-severe lp
norman westberg-13 cd oneohtrix point never-garden of delete 2lp oskar offermann-le grand to do 2lp peverelist-undulate/grit 12 recondite-placid 2lp
shenoda-labour 12 shinichi atobe - ship-scope 12 singers & players-war of version 10 steven stapleton & christoph heemann-painting with priests cd steven stapleton & christoph heemann-painting with priests lp
stl-message of sound part 1 12 teeth of the sea-highly deadly black tarantula cd the girls - punk-dada pulchritude lp the heads-time in space 2lp vainio & vigroux-peau froide, leger soleil cd
various-bali 1928, vol v: vocal music in dance dramas cd various-coxsone's music: the first recordings of sir coxsone the downbeat 1960-63 3cd various-kx 2015 2lp various-pop ambient 2016 lp+cd various-rare psych moogs & brass: music from the sonoton library 1969-1981 lp
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